About Our Events

New Freedom Entertainment is a universal company built on Christian and non-discriminatory values. We will differentiate ourselves in the entertainment promotion industry as a company who promotes political awareness through event hosting. We utilize various forms of entertainment to create a platform for NFE to reach diverse populations. This is necessary for creating themed events where the audiences generated by the selected entertainment overlap with the relevant communities or a demographic most affected by a selected political issues.

We recognize missed opportunities to inform and educate the communities in which concerts and other live events are assembled. New Freedom will provide services to non-profit organizations by creating events which cater to their target audiences. We will work with these organizations to produce our event themes. Base on the event themes, NFE will strategically select a complimentary form of entertainment, creating a stage for audiences most likely affected or impacted by the advocacy. Our services to these non-profit organizations will mitigate risks, marketing, and production cost, otherwise held by the organization. We will target non-profit organizations to contract New Freedom Entertainment for our event production and promotion services.

New Freedom will target non-profit organizations and communities in the United States, with charters in advocating awareness of government issues, initiatives, laws, regulations, and policies. Target markets for our events will be defined in the selection of the event theme, which will yield a different solicitation strategy for each event.